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Monday, September 1, 2014

$100 Nordstrom Giveaway

I've been in and out of Nordstrom lately, keeping an eye on their sale shoes (and their sale work-attire) as I feel totally unprepared for the cold season at work. I usually hit a wall of horrible office dressing in the dead of winter. My sweaters get really old. I start to hate my coat. My shoes disintegrate after years of wet, work abuse. My current (and last year's) black work shoes live under my desk right now, in their den of shame, and are horrifying. The suede is in disrepair, the interior is leaking white dust (not even sure what that's from), so new shoes are imperative for this season. It's pretty much a no brainer that I need to get a new classic pair or two and ditch the old disintegrating ones. I really love the staples above, all under $100, and am strongly considering investing in the Michael Kors flex pump in black (not pictured, but the same shoe as the second shoe pictured).

Because I assume I'm not the only one with some cold-weather work-style misery, I wanted to team up with some of my favorite bloggers to offer a giveaway to Nordstrom. Please check out these ladies' blogs today and enter below. The giveaway is open to U.S. readers, will run from Tuesday, September 2, to Tuesday, September 9, and entires will be verified and the winner contacted via email. Enjoy!

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August was an eventful, hot, summery, active month for us and we spent some time actually exploring and enjoying Portland. I thought I'd take today, on this glorious day off (before we set out adventuring), to share some of the summer activities we did in August.

In mid-August my brother visited (the highlight of my entire year!) and we jumped at the chance to drive him out to Hood River and show him one of our favorite places. We also hadn't gone to the Fruit Loop yet - a series of farms along a loop at the base of Mount Hood where you can u-pick to your heart's delight. Ben's a u-pick fruit fiend and was chomping at the bit to visit.

Along the Fruit Loop, we stopped at Fox Tail Cider to taste a flight of amazing local ciders (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). My brother turned 21 in July, so it was awesome to be able to take him out into the realm of alcoholic drinks and tastings.

After libations, we followed the Fruit Loop up higher and higher onto Mount Hood and stopped at a few farms with big crowds/high prices/and less-authentic picking experiences. We finally wandered off the beaten path, after asking a farm stand for directions to their peach orchard, and found the perfect spot - Cody's Orchards.

Our last interesting (and picture-worthy activity) this August was actually this past Thursday, when Ben and I heard about a free symphony concert on the waterfront by our house. Though it was cancelled last year due to a lack of funding, it was back in full force this year to announce the opening of the Oregon Symphony, Opera, and Oregon Ballet seasons. The free concert on the water gets totally packed around 7 p.m. when the symphony starts to play, but opens at 2-2:30 p.m. for taiko drummers, the youth symphony, and more. 

We brought a picnic, some chairs, and a blanket and joined the masses to watch the symphony play with some special appearances from the ballet (dancing the Nutcracker's Pas de Deux) and a baritone from the Opera. At the end of the concert, during the 1812 Overture, the national guard shot off canons and a giant fireworks show on the water concluded the event. It was an amazing night and next time we will be stepping up our picnic game!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Get Moving

I upped my beauty routine to include my legs with Skintimate as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #SkintimateStars








Not too long ago, I shared some embarrassing shaving details with you - namely that I hadn't been using a shaving cream or shave gel. Purchasing some Skintimate® shave gel was the first step into actually taking care of my legs and since then, my shave gel has been dutifully creating rust stains on my bath-tub ledge. A seriously small price to pay for feeling like my legs aren't suffering some kind of medieval shaving torture device every time I shave.

That shave gel coming-of-age story being told, I'm not a pampering/spa day/facial/manicure type of girl. I actually have never had a spa day/facial/manicure (or pedicure, or massage) in my life. I'm not quite sure why - perhaps it's a combination of the expense, my own personal feeling that it's all a bit ludicrous to be out and about pampering yourself for $25-$100 dollars a pop, or the overarching "Ain't nobody got time for that" Sweet Brown theme that seems to be recurring in my life. 

I like to get in, get out, and launch my day. I don't often like to dawdle in the shower. I don't like to languorously set up a bath with some salts and candles. I don't want to spend any extra time doing my hair or make-up because it takes me away from pursuing things I am trying to be successful at like work, hobbies, planning my wedding, and my relationship with both Ben (and the cat). I'd much rather spend 20 minutes honing my calligraphy skills than curling sections of my hair. 

The same goes for shaving. I want an easy, clean, positive process that doesn't take away from my day and getting out into the world. I seriously don't have time for razor burn that nixes me wearing an already-ironed skirt to work! Or nicks that cause me to fly out the door covered in tiny pieces of tissue paper to sop up the blood! No. Nope. No thanks. I need efficiency from my bath and beauty products (I have a speedy blow-dryer, the "world's fastest flat iron," no-make-up make-up products, and I keep a spray bottle about for when I have wrinkles that have no time to be ironed into submission). No muss, no fuss. 

I am sincerely digging my new shaving routine. When the day calls for a power skirt and some nude heels (I won't be caught dead with some prickly legs that sparkle leg hair in the sunshine), I have easy Skintimate® shave gel on hand that nourishes and moisturizes my often dry legs, doesn't let me get nicked or covered in obnoxious razor burn, and has sensitive and dry skin options (I am a walking allergy). There's no longer the "uh-oh" moment that comes with stepping outside and thinking you got every spot and finding a strip of leg hair. Nor are there break-outs from using a product that's not sensitive enough. I don't have to waste my time anymore with beauty product hiccups!

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