Ladies in Navy

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Roses are Gold + Giveaway

Sweatshirt: c/o Wear the Paint; Shorts: Gap (similar splurge, similar save); Heels: c/o Rockport

This has already been quite the week. Portland's temps spiked again, ugh. Battling some 93 degree days this week and the apartment is sweltering even with the AC running upstairs. My kitty has a hurt paw and he has been living in the cone of shame to prevent him from messing with a missing claw. I've been feeling under the weather, whether its related to something I ate, exhaustion from sleeping poorly the whole week, or some kind of travel bug I picked up... And Ben is still gone, working on his grandparents' farm in Ohio. He returns tomorrow, thank goodness, and hopefully I'll be feeling better and he'll be home for good for at least a good 6-8 months.

I am so excited for this week to end, to feel better, and to get back in gear for the rest of August and then the fall (which includes upcoming events like friends' weddings, the September Portland Fashion Weekend, Feast PDX, and more). To kick July to the curb and get ready for the upcoming month and seasons, I wanted to host a giveaway from an independent designer! I am so excited to introduce Wear the Paint, a fantastic hand-painted line of tanks, sweatshirts, and tees. I'm wearing the giant rose painted sweatshirt (perfect for Portland) in this post and am giving away a tank-version of this sweatshirt! Enter to win below, running for one week and open to U.S. residents!

Monday, July 28, 2014


Photography by: Leah Hope Photography

Dress: c/o Aeropostale (on sale!); Necklace: c/o Ettika; Bracelet: XO Veronika (on sale!); Heels: Nine West

Are you the same person you were a year ago? 

I think back to one year ago when Ben and I made the long, hot drive from Tacoma to Portland, and think about what has changed for us, with us, and inside of us. In 2013 when we made the move, medical school was still this great unknown. I was embarking on a new job with trepidation. We moved into a seriously upgraded apartment and our cat finally had a low-to-the-ground windowsill to watch birds from. I remember exploring Portland thinking it was this massive city with endless shops and restaurants. While I am still convinced that the restaurant roster is never-ending, Portland seems so small now. We've been to each corner of the city and much of the in between. 

Now, half-way through 2014, we're engaged and planning a wedding. We're ready to move to the next step of the medical school cycle (year two, here we come!) and I'm six months into a new and really awesome job. We've moved to a new apartment in January and it has finally come together in terms of decor. I think that beyond all the material things that have changed, we've come into our own here in PDX. The streets feel familiar. The buildings look like home. The air smells and tastes sweet. We've made great friends here that are sure to be lasting. And I think that Ben and I have settled into a pretty comfortable life (besides my endless neuroses), where we both know our place within our tiny little world.

I don't think we're the same person we were a year ago, individually or as a unit. And we've had some makeovers along the way - in the apartment, our closets, and in our heads. I was sparked to reflect on our own personal changes when Aeropostale, that brand you don't often think of as being modern, revitalized their brand and relaunched today. They're not the same brand they were a year ago and you should give them a look. Not just to find a cute dress like the one above, but their amazing selection of boots and sandals for the summer to fall transition. 

To conclude my nostalgia, let me know... are you the same person you were a year ago? What's changed?

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Do you remember those commercials that advertised getting quick patents on your inventions? As a kid I remember watching those repeatedly on early morning Cartoon Network and Nick at my grandmother's house. "Clapping to turn a light on? That was MY IDEA!" Pan to a photo of a bearded man snapping his fingers to say "shucks" while a lamp goes on in the background. If you don't remember those ads, this was likely a weird intro to this post... but you'll soon understand. :)

I was recently asked to check out the online Pinterest-esque, Google Shopping, Stockholm Streetstyle mashup called Piccing. One of the best parts of my Pinterest style boards is getting easy inspiration for a look. But, as with everything, the inspiration can only help if you've got a well stocked closet of gorgeous separates that might be seen on models on the street. I usually find myself thinking "well I have jeans... that's about it." 

Piccing's mission as part of the world wide interwebs is to make every single photo shoppable. If you're not shaking your heads, a full beard a-growing, snapping your fingers and saying "Hey! That was MY IDEA" then you have been lazily living online. I don't know how many times I've wanted to shop a photo on Pinterest - a cute scarf, great glassware, a wedding dress. No matter the photo, users can upload it and then find either exact or similar items to "tag" within the photo. A mini shopping cart basically drops down from the photo and you're good to go. 

The best thing about Piccing is that you don't have to do any work unless you want to. All you need to do is save and share images, look through other people's folders, and then get to shopping. Piccing also has a new mobile app with a great interface (seriously), available on the app store, that'll make it even easier to laze about and use it. It's pretty much as easy as using Pinterest on your phone - just save pictures you like, mark them or check out the marks that pull down shopping menus, and then fill up your cart! Ideal for those of us lazing around this Sunday watching the Kardashians and refusing to get up off the couch for anything but another cup of coffee.

I challenge you to check out Piccing and find yourself not only inspired in your style and home-decor but much more ready to acquire the missing pieces with an easy shopping tool. I am sure you all need no excuse to get shopping, but you can sign up easily with Facebook to the site and just browse your afternoon away without any charges. 

Let me know if you try it and find anything amazing!