Ladies in Navy

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thinking About: Capes, Stripes, Bucket Bags

The fall fashion scene seems to be awash with some new styles that I don't have in my closet. Usually once polka dot tights come back around, or large plaid scarves make an appearance, I am ready to unpack that fall/winter box of clothing and recycle. But this fall looks like it's getting a bit more upscale than the usual army/utility parkas and bunches of plaid. It looks more like a movie, or a foreign street. 

Here are some of the pieces I've been thinking about lately:


OakTory BurchDKNY Cape Dress; DKNY Cape

Capes! Who would have thought that capes would be (back) in style. I swear that these aren't the cape-ponchos of yesteryears - they're wool or cashmere, sophisticated. I love the way they show off the delicate parts of your arms. I've been seeing capes on my favorite bloggers and in favorite magazines.

To keep a cape from wildly standing out, think muted colors or monochrome looks. I love it when your outwear blends in to your outfit and creates dimension and layers.


Joseph; Zoe Carson; Edith A. Miller; Marc by Marc Jacobs

I am entirely unsure why I didn't have a staple striped shirt in my closet until just recently. I went through an insane striped phase in college where I only wore navy and white striped attire but I think all of those college-tees and long-sleeves faded away over the years leaving me stripe-less. I'm also not sure why stripes always seem so Parisian-chic to me - perhaps it is that they are effortless and look fantastic with a pair of stylish flats, cigarette pants, and on Audrey Hepburn... If I could, I think I'd refill my wardrobe with all of these tops from pale pink to plum and back to navy again.


Michael Kors Collection (1 and 3); Halston HeritageSee by Chloe

Finally, the bucket bag. I've owned a lot of purses in my life but never a bucket bag. There's something endearing about the "sack"-like quality of these bags - the cinched top, the flat bottom, the easy swinging strap. I know that there have been some crazy affordable bucket bags coming out recently (like this Old Navy bucket bag - 25% off today), but I've been dreaming of something a little more luxe.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I had the opportunity to visit Bluehour, a pretty, upscale Portland restaurant with a great happy hour, yesterday with a bunch of lovely bloggers and try out their new menu from the new chef, Kyo Koo. The last time I'd visited Bluehour was right around when Ben and I had first moved to Portland and were strolling the Pearl district looking for a great happy hour. Cue Moscow mules and the Bluehour happy hour burger which was inexpensive and one of the best burgers we'd had yet in PDX. 

I sadly hadn't been back to Bluehour for an actual dinner (chalk it up to time and money constraints and a never-ending list of restaurants to try), so I was thrilled to go out last night and try some of their new menu items. I was also lucky enough to learn how to make the Templeton Abbey with bartender Gigi. The dinner was absolutely delicious, unique, and something I'd highly recommend Bluehour to anyone looking for a beautiful restaurant ambience, great menu, and Portland-inspired, unique menu. Their happy hour is also a crazy good meal. 

We started off the evening handcrafting a Templeton Abbey with bartender Gigi. To make a Templeton Abbey a la Bluehour, you'll need to: muddle two slices of cucumber with a sprig of rosemary in a shaker. Add 2 oz. of rye, 1 oz. of lime juice, 3/4 oz. of ginger liqueur. Fill shaker with ice. Shake well until chilled. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a piece of rosemary that has been either slapped or crushed to bring out the essential oils. Enjoy!

This cocktail wow-ed me in how easy it was to make and how fantastic it tasted (no overwhelming lime, ginger, rye, or rosemary - just amazing combined flavors).

On to the amuse bouche - grilled brioche with salmon and beets. A perfect way to start the evening post-cocktail.

An heirloom beet salad - epically good and very simple.

King crab with wild mushrooms. This appetizer was absolutely decadent and delicious. The crab was perfectly buttery.

Amazing Haiga rice risotto with squash and wild mushrooms. Chef Koo explained that Haiga is a varietal of rice that's a cross between brown and white and has a great texture for making risotto (it held some texture instead of just getting goopy).

Hand cut wheat noodles with pork belly, prawns, zucchini, and a black bean bolognese sauce (very unique dish with a faux bolognese from fermented soy beans).

Kumamoto oysters on the half shelf.

Smoked duck breast and ginger sausage - this duck was delicious and some of the best duck I've ever had. Perfectly cooked!

Coho salmon, radish, pine mushroom, and rainbow chard.

Patisserie plate of chocolates and petit fours.

Cinnamon apple brioche with gelato - my favorite dessert of the bunch - perfectly sweet, yet crunchy, and seasonally delicious.

Dark chocolate porter cake with chocolate porter sorbet and a malted vanilla bean milkshake. I was obsessed with this sorbet and cake together. They were very complimentary and yet not too rich! All in all a wonderful dessert menu!

I hope you get to stop by Bluehour sometime soon if you're in PDX or visiting. The ambience and food are perfect for a romantic night out or a dinner with family! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Shading and Stippling

Tee: Ross (similar); Skirt: Ann Taylor (on sale); Heels: Michael Kors (25% off); Coat: c/o Chicwish; Necklace: c/o The Pearl Source

Oh, brother. What a Monday. A classic Monday, really. The one where everything irritates you, your feet inevitably get soggy from some un-anticipated puddle. The one where you can't get anything done at work despite needing to get everything done. The bad-headache Monday. Burnt food Mondays. No lunch Mondays. Uncomfortable t-shirt Mondays. I could sincerely go on and on about how atrocious all Mondays are and how they should be scrapped as a general rule, but I suppose I can stop and focus on some of the good things about this Monday: it's over.

Well, it's over, and I made a delicious dinner tonight of ravioli, honeycrisp apples, walnuts, and elk sausage. Or that I had a relaxing glass and a half of Pinot Noir from this weekend's wine re-stocking adventures. And I am now cuddled in bed with the absolute dark outside encroaching in on the windows, a cat by my side, watching Gilmore Girls. It's the end of every Monday that is the best part of every Monday. I hope you all had lovely ends to your terrible Mondays as well!