Ladies in Navy

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let's Get Feminine

Top: Calvin Klein (via Ross); Skirt: Ross; Flats: Report (via Ross) (similar)

I'm going through another one of my phases where I feel both strapped for time every single day and crippled by the endless possibilities of things to do. I so often feel unsatisfied with my inability to learn, know, and excel at everything! It's hard to see these hobbies and skills that other people have mastered and feel like you're stretched too thin to get better at them. Watching my brother draw and get better at painting has been so frustrating. I'm filled with the feeling of: "I want to do that!" But the same happens when watching artists on Instagram write amazing calligraphy, or seeing graphic designers come up with awesome work, or photographers master film. 

And there's always some time to learn, but once I get home from work, I have precious few hours to straighten, eat, take blog photos, work on the blog, and then shower before 11 p.m. I seem to constantly be running out of time every single night! I want to work on my calligraphy, or read new novels, or finish my new magazines, or wedding plan, or blog... but not all can happen at the same time or in the same day. 

How do you all manage pursuing new skills and still maintaining your sanity (especially if you blog)?! I feel like I'm losing a battle with time right now and it's disheartening! I need some tips from you time managers out there. :)

P.S. This is my first pair of D'Orsay style flats and I'm loving them. On the hunt for similar styles and shapes (because somehow they actually stay on my foot, defying physics) and am drooling over the collection at Shopbop. For more options on D'Orsays, should you be in the market for some effortless chic-ness, check out their selection.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let's Feast

Last year, right after we'd moved to Portland and were just figuring out that there are awesome events every single weekend here, Jane headed off to Feast and left me drooling uncontrollably at her Instagrams. Cue INSTANT regret. If I could have a re-do of last year, Feast would be in my radar (grilled Tillamook cheese sandwiches delivered to you at the push of a button?) and would have been attended by myself and my tummy.

This year I have the extreme privilege of attending Feast in Pioneer Square here in downtown PDX and going to four events over the course of the September 18-21st weekend. Though the event is so popular that some of the dinners and events are sold out, there are still tons of events that you can get tickets to and enjoy a massive feast!

I am most looking forward to the following events:

Widmer Brothers Brewing Sandwich Invitational
Director's Park, Sept 18th from 6-9 p.m.

Sandwich invitational. There needs to be no other explanation than: bread, meats, cheese, veggies, all together. For real. Sandwiches are my jam. And they can be yours too!

Oregon Grand Bounty Tasting
Pioneer Courthouse Square, Sept 20th from 12-5 p.m.

I heard and saw a lot of goodness from this big event from Jane's posts and this is probably the one I'm most looking forward to attending. Feast means it when they say "grand bounty" - this event highlights Oregon's awesome food and features tons of local chefs and wine/beer.

Oregonian Media Group High Comfort At the Nines
The Nines Hotel, Sept 20 from 6-9 p.m.

This event is big. 20 chefs are going to push comfort food out of its... well comfort zone and serve it up with amazing pairings. The event will cost you the big bucks to attend, but it so very clearly worth it to get to try some top chefs doing interesting things. PDX is all about food and this event seems to be the culminating piece of Feast!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Coming Up Roses

Pants: Gap (on sale!); Top: Gap (on sale!); Sweater: c/o Aeropostale; Flats: TJ Maxx (old)

It's my brother's last night in Portland and we took some picnic food from Zupan's up to the Rose Garden to eat and play frisbee. It was such a gorgeous, warm evening for it that I am glad we didn't just stay in for snacks.

During my brother's stay, we've been "collaborating" on some pen + watercolor art and I'm loving having my talented brother help me out a bit on doodling and coloring. He's far beyond me in skill level so it's nice to have him draw me outlines and then I get to color them in. It's like having a human coloring book! I am definitely going to be sad to see him go and get back to normal life, but there's a ton going on this week that I need to take care of both at work and in the blog world (Portland Fashion Week events, some shopping to complete, some outfits to share, and on and on and on). For now though, while I enjoy the last few minutes of tonight before bed - hope you're enjoying these pretty, end-of-summer roses.